Problem: Cracked Walls

Filling Cracks, to begin with, are usually unnoticeable. You assume it is normal and just a part of owning a home. However, wall cracks are a serious problem that should be taken care of. Wall cracks, both vertical and horizontal, deep and shallow, can cause harm to your home and its structural integrity.

Walls in need of crack repair can pose a threat to the well being of your home. First and foremost, cracked walls allow in water and moisture. This could lead to rotting wood, foundation damage, and mold. Mold flourishes in dark damp areas. It is especially dangerous because it releases spores as it grows. These spores can be harmful to your lungs if they are inhaled. Ricardo’s Go Painting of Athens can fix your wall cracks in your Atlanta home that is in need of repair and prevent further foundation problems and waterproofing issues from arising.

If you have cracked walls, don’t forget to check for these other signs of foundation Cracked wall repair for your Atlanta home or businessproblems. Look for:

  • sticking doors
  • sticking windows
  • doors or windows that are out of place or have gaps near frames
  • sloping floors
  • cracked slab
  • leaning chimney
  • bowing walls
  • leaning walls
  • porch and patio problems

If you have one or more of these signs of foundation failure, you’ll want to get a professional contractor in to check it out. Foundation failure can be disastrous, not only to your home, but to your safety as well. The longer these problems are left alone, the more money it will cost for repair in the future. That’s not good, and we get that. That is why we’re here to help.

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