Home Painting Services, Dr, Athens GA
Ricardo’s Go Painting provides high quality residential painting services for both interiors and exteriors.
Do you have residential property in the Cherokee County area?

While a professional painting job will make a building look beautiful, the pros at Ricardo’s Go Painting will help beautify and protect your investment.

Before starting your residential interior/exterior project, we will…

Listen to you your design preferences and help select colors
Take into consideration your needs/goals
Address specific issues, such as creating a plan to replace siding or damaged wood

During and after your painting project, we will…

Properly prepare surfaces, including patching and applying primers/sealers, etc.
Prepare the area by covering and/or moving furniture
Clean up – so you’ll only be left with beautiful new paint or stain!

Ricardos go Painting LLC
Ricardos go Painting LLC
Ricardos go Painting LLC
Ricardos go Painting LLC
Excellent Prep Work and Pride in Craftmanship

The amount and type of prep work that goes into a job are critical to achieving a high-quality paint job. We are meticulous – paying close attention to the little details, to ensure long lasting results. We treat every project as if it were our own house, and when we go home for the night, we maintain a clean job site.

Here are the steps we follow for exterior painting…


We gently pressure-wash the exterior to remove the dust, dirt, mildew, and pollution from your home. This helps ensure a clean surface for the new paint to adhere to.


We will hand scrape the sides of your home to remove all loose and peeling paint. Be wary of paint contractors who use abrasive means to remove the paint to save time. This can harm the underlying surface and prevent paint from adhering correctly.


Paint ridges between bare wood and existing paint are sanded to ensure proper water runoff. Power sanding is not standard, and not available on homes with lead present.


We use high quality, elastomeric caulking in nearly every application. Caulking is performed in any area where it is missing, loose, or cracked around window and door frames, butt joints, and splits. Hardiplank siding does not require caulking at mid-wall butt joints, as per installation instruction by James Hardie – At customer request, we can caulk these without warranty


We use a variety of primers to ensure a quality paint job. The primer coat ensures that you receive a uniform finish and that water stays outside your home, where it belongs.